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SnarfQuest: New Adventures now on Kickstarter

SnarfQuest: New Adventures now on Kickstarter

SnarfQuest: New Adventu

Snarf is back with a whole new adventure! Now you can get a NEW full-color SnarfQuest story!

Several years ago I started on a new Snarf adventure for Games Unplugged Magazine. They published 36 pages before the magazine was sold to a new publisher who decided not to continue the strip. This year (2013) I was approached by Kenzer & Company to reprint the strip in the Knights of the Dinner Table Comic. I also promised to finish the story, and this is where I need your help.

I really need to take two to three months to finish off the story with 36 additional pages. That will make a wonderful 64-page full color graphic novel.

Depending on your pledge amount you can own this book as a softbound or hardback edition, as well as other bonuses, such as special prints, or even the original drawing used for the front or back cover! Most importantly, you are helping me bring a brand new Snarf adventure to life. Thank you for backing me.

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Change Of Address form for The Complete Elmore KICKSTARTER

Its been 9 months since our Kickstarter, but Larry and I lived by one rule, make the book 110% of our capabilities.  Although we are late, we beleive the wait for what you are going to get in your hands will be worth it!

We feel that the Book will be ready to ship by the first of November.  That means that many of you will receive the book in the first two weeks of November.  If you have a sketch or special drawing add and additional two week.  If you are International, add an additional 30 days.   Hopefully, with a little luck, everyone will have the books by the Christmas holiday!!!

Please, post pictures and reviews when you get them. :-)

Take Care,
Larry Elmore & Ken Whitman

PS – If ou have changed your address in the last 9 months, PLEASE update below!!!


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