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The Complete Elmore Volume II

The Complete Elmore Volume II

This book, The Complete Elmore Volume II, black and white, is a sister book to The Complete Elmore (color). This book contains over 700 pencil, ink, and combinations of both pencil and ink drawings. The book covers most of his career since 1981 when he started work at TSR (Dungeons & Dragons). Larry feels that this book could greatly help young artists in developing their drawing and inking skills. Books containing this amount of art, pencil and ink drawings, are very rare. From sketches to final pencils and inks, you will enjoy most of Mr. Elmore's drawings as an Illustrator/artist. Both books, the color and the black and white, contain most all his images that Larry has, or can obtain digital files, to reproduce in a printed or book format.

Prints are high resolution prints on paper signed by the artist.

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