Star Frontiers
Star Frontiers

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4 Responses to “Star Frontiers”

  1. Eric Winsor says:


    I am wondering, is the Star Frontiers box cover art a depiction of the player characters crashed on Voltrunus as described in the introductory module included in the Star Frontiers box set?

    I love this picture. It is one of your best.

    Eric Winsor

  2. Dear Mr. Elmore,

    This is a great picture. Another great picture is the one you made of a couple of Explorer vehicles, one with a Yazirian character in the roof turret. There is a picture of it here:

    By the way, the Deliverer vehicle in the Sony Online Entertainment game Planetside looks somewhat similar to the Explorer:

  3. Hello! I was never a RPG kind of guy, but I remember this artwork very well from my childhood. You see, I did read a lot of the “choose your own adventure” type books that TSR published, and they had a lot of the same artists as their game books & modules, including yourself. In any case, this is a really iconic sci-fi / space opera image. Fun stuff.

  4. Greg Wilson says:

    As a teen I used to stare at this image on the cover of my Star Frontiers box. To me, it encapsulated so much of what I wanted from sci-fi. So when I saw this was for sale, I had to order it. It’s going into a nice frame and hung in my office at work. To heck with productivity, I’ll be staring at it all over again.

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