Death of Sturm
Death of Sturm
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4 Responses to “Death of Sturm”

  1. Is this Laurana,or Kitiara. Sorry can’t remember if Laurana was on the tower with Sturm or not

  2. This image is what propelled me as a teenager to become an artist (I am currently a photographer) and what lead me into a lifelong love of reading. My brother had “Art of the Dragonlance Saga” and I just had to know what happened when I saw this piece.

  3. I bought this print at GenCon a couple years ago, spent a couple hundred on a nice custom frame and it’s honestly one of my favourite pieces of art in my entire house.

    It captures Elmore, Dragonlance, the emotion of the scene perfectly to me. More importantly it captures a time in my life that was filled with Elmore imagery, dreams of fantastic places and people, and role playing with my friends.

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