International backers should have the books in February/March of 2014.

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International backers should have the books in February/March of  2014.

International backers should have the books in February/March of  2014.

Sorry for the delay, but Larry can only do about 20 dragon doodles a day.

Because EVERYONE international got a FREE Dragon Doodle to compensate for the increase shipping rate from the US, it is taking more time than expected.

Thank You,
Ken Whitman
Elmore Productions



SnarfQuest: New Adventures now on Kickstarter

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SnarfQuest: New Adventures now on Kickstarter

SnarfQuest: New Adventu

Snarf is back with a whole new adventure! Now you can get a NEW full-color SnarfQuest story!

Several years ago I started on a new Snarf adventure for Games Unplugged Magazine. They published 36 pages before the magazine was sold to a new publisher who decided not to continue the strip. This year (2013) I was approached by Kenzer & Company to reprint the strip in the Knights of the Dinner Table Comic. I also promised to finish the story, and this is where I need your help.

I really need to take two to three months to finish off the story with 36 additional pages. That will make a wonderful 64-page full color graphic novel.

Depending on your pledge amount you can own this book as a softbound or hardback edition, as well as other bonuses, such as special prints, or even the original drawing used for the front or back cover! Most importantly, you are helping me bring a brand new Snarf adventure to life. Thank you for backing me.

Change Of Address form for The Complete Elmore KICKSTARTER

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Its been 9 months since our Kickstarter, but Larry and I lived by one rule, make the book 110% of our capabilities.  Although we are late, we beleive the wait for what you are going to get in your hands will be worth it!

We feel that the Book will be ready to ship by the first of November.  That means that many of you will receive the book in the first two weeks of November.  If you have a sketch or special drawing add and additional two week.  If you are International, add an additional 30 days.   Hopefully, with a little luck, everyone will have the books by the Christmas holiday!!!

Please, post pictures and reviews when you get them. :-)

Take Care,
Larry Elmore & Ken Whitman

PS – If ou have changed your address in the last 9 months, PLEASE update below!!!


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Circle of Death Print

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Circle of Death Print

This new print is titled “Circle of Death”, 24×36 inches on heavy art paper. It is a signed and numbered limited edition print of 1500. This painting is going to be the cover for my new hardback book, “The Complete Elmore”.  I enjoyed painting this piece, it reminds me of the old Red Dragon painting, the Basic D&D box cover, but at a much more mature level. The dragon and the warrior appear to be much older, in this painting, and much more experienced. My art ability has grown also during the past thirty years. The painting tells a story, much like the full circle of my own life as an illustrator.  I hope you enjoy this painting, as much as I enjoyed painting it.

Thank you so much,
Larry Elmore



Complete Elmore Book Cover: Circle of Death
Complete Elmore Book Cover: Circle of Death
You may pre-order the 24"x36" limited edition cover print from Larry's upcoming book "The Complete Elmore". This new Lithographic Print will be limited to 1500 and our Kickstarter backers will have the first chance to purchase it!!! This Product should ship by the first week of June.
Available Qty: 1408
Price: $80.00







Detail -4




Detail -2






Detail -3




Detail -1


Artist’s work shaped by ‘real adventures’

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Larry Elmore headshot


Posted: Sunday, January 13, 2013 2:00 am | Updated: 9:13 pm, Sat Jan 12, 2013.

By CHUCK MASON The Daily News

A Grayson County artist internationally known for his mystical and menacing dragons plans to self-publish in August the first major hardcover book of his work, “Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook.”

Elmore, a 1971 Western Kentucky University graduate, first found his sense of adventure in the Kentucky woods. As of boy of 10, he raced through those woods, checking out the textures of trees as he climbed them and the animals that flitted over the contour of the grasses, he said.

However, it was during a trip to Arnette’s Clothing Store in Leitchfield to see his dad, Norman, that then-teen Elmore spied the object that would become a lifelong love affair: an oil painting of a vibrant Viking long boat that hung near the shopkeeper’s office. Elmore’s imagination raced as he looked at the majestic boat, the carved dragon head that served as the bow and the dragon’s tail that served as the stern. The sky behind the boat showed the sunshine bathing the craft.


SnarfQuest Invades KODT!!!

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Starting with the upcoming issue of Knights of the Dinner Table (issue 195), Larry Elmore’s groundbreaking comic strip SnarfQuest will appear monthly in KODT. The strip first appeared in Dragon magazine, running from issue 1983-1989. Later, it appeared in Games Unplugged starting in 2000 until it went out of business.

The strips that appear in KODT will at first be reprints of those strips, and then the story will continue with new, original strips, written and drawn by Elmore himself.

“I am so happy that Snarf is back, and I am extremely happy to be working with Jolly Blackburn and all the cool dudes of Kenzer & Company,” Elmore said. “I look forward to doing this for years to come. So, watch out, B.A., Dave and Brian, or Snarf might steal Sara away, ‘cause he loves the ladies!”

These feelings are mutual, as all of the staff of KODT is thrilled to welcome such a talent as Larry Elmore, and to have Snarf grace the pages of our magazine.

“When I first learned that Larry was interested in having Snarf appear in KODT, I almost couldn’t believe it,” Blackburn said. “It seemed to good to be true. We look forward to seeing this fan favorite gracing our pages for many months to come. We all hope that fans will be excited by the opportunity to read about the Knights and Snarf all in one place. To me, it seems like a match made in heaven.”

To find out more visit (Kenzer & Company’s website) and (Larry Elmore’s website).



Kickstarter, the Complete Elmore

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I want to say a few words about this Kickstarter Campaign, it has overwhelmed me, surpassed my wildest dreams and left me very humbled. Ken Whitman, a friend of mine, had tried to talk me into doing a Kickstarter campaign several years ago, because many times I had spoken to him about doing a big hardback book that would cover my life’s work. Then another friend, Jim Ludwig of DarkSword Miniatures, started calling me about Kickstarter.

When I crunched the numbers, for me to publish a big book on my own dime, I simply couldn’t afford it. I had certain publishers approach me to do a big book during the past few years….they would publish it, and of course, make all the money. But I wanted to do it my way. I never had a real agent during my career, I never particularly cared for someone telling me what to do (art directors were enough), so I have done it all my way the best I could. With an agent, I may have made more money over the years, perhaps done covers of “bigger books” and maybe, more popularity could have come my way, I don’t know… I wanted to paint and draw. I just kept working and never ran out of work.

I was worried about this Kickstarter project, I didn’t want to be the first guy to loose money on Kickstarter :-) . I was hesitant on the whole deal. I knew I had fans out there, because I have attend a lot of conventions over the past 25 years, but I didn’t really know just how many and I didn’t know just how strong and true they were. It really takes your most dedicated “hardcore” fans to pull off a project like this. I didn’t know if there were that many—”left”. Even though I still paint every day if possible and I will paint and draw until I die.

I basically got out of the publishing world a few years ago and lately I have been painting my own work and selling the originals. I love it. But I know that many fans have missed my work being published on books and game covers. I guess some of you thought I had “retired”!!! Well, I haven’t! I never will. I worked as an illustrator for over 40 years, now I am ready to do my own work. I will still be around, while you sleep, I will be painting and drawing, and I will continue to do that until it becomes physically or mentally impossible for me. In the future, I will publish books of my newer works, both paintings and drawings, I will continue to make prints of these pieces, available at my website.

Well anyway, this campaign was greatly successful ONLY because of you guys. The MAIN reason I am writing this is to THANK ALL MY FANS…all over the world!!  My family and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts, I am seriously overwhelmed. I think my family didn’t have a clue that this would happen, they are just as surprised as I am. Now, I have “pad money” … and that means this, when I try to do a painting every month to pay the bills, and if that painting takes me a month and a half or two months to finish, I will have ” pad money” to carry me over until I get paid.  And that, my friends, takes a load of stress off me, and frees my mind up to do more creative work.

I am planning other Kickstarter Campaigns later on, some special books, like a NEW color Snarfquest graphic novel, and we are working on card games and board games, which I am greatly involved in. One of the most important projects, that may go up on Kickstarter next year, will be a large hardback black and white book. I wanted to get all my black and white work in this book, but there was no way…the book would be TOO thick. So, I want to do another hardback of all my black and white art, pencils and inks. The black and white book will be a matching book to this hard back color book. If you have purchased this color book and you purchase the black and white book, you will have a matching set of hardback books that cover around 95% of my life’s work.

Again, I Sincerely thank each and every one of you ALL your support in this Kickstarter campaign, not only for this campaign, but THANK YOU for supporting me through all those years of fun and games that covered most of our lives!!! Did you ever think we would all come together one more time? I love you all!!!

Larry Elmore


A Weird Review

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A weird little interview about my book and other things I am working on. Oh, and my wife Betty is with me for a video interview. Hope you enjoy.

Betty & Larry Elmore


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