Change Of Address form for The Complete Elmore KICKSTARTER

Its been 9 months since our Kickstarter, but Larry and I lived by one rule, make the book 110% of our capabilities.  Although we are late, we beleive the wait for what you are going to get in your hands will be worth it!

We feel that the Book will be ready to ship by the first of November.  That means that many of you will receive the book in the first two weeks of November.  If you have a sketch or special drawing add and additional two week.  If you are International, add an additional 30 days.   Hopefully, with a little luck, everyone will have the books by the Christmas holiday!!!

Please, post pictures and reviews when you get them. :-)

Take Care,
Larry Elmore & Ken Whitman

PS – If ou have changed your address in the last 9 months, PLEASE update below!!!


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  1. I entered my information but there was neither a confirmation message nor error, so I have no way to distinguish between the submission being accepted or the form being reset.

    • It went through – working on the bug now!

  2. I submitted a new change of address form but got an error. Did it come through?

    • yes TY

  3. I tried to update my address a couple times, but received no confirmation it went through.

    • We do get all of the submissions, small error in outré program – trying to fix it